High Packaging today

High Packaging is today a solid company, fully in keeping with requirements of third millennium. Exclusive representative of more than a dozen Italian companies of high standing, world leaders in their niche business, specialized in various sectors of packaging, machinery suppliers very sharp and very efficient.

Its technical sales department in charge of consulting, expertise, and project management, guaranteed the customized solutions with respect to such complex needs and diverse of its customers, in accordance with the highest international standards.

High Packaging is certainly the only company of packaging in Algeria which has a technical service that provides installation, commissioning, training and after-sales service of machines and lines that it offers.

The desire to expand the search for specialized and diverse solutions over new trends of the Algerian market, technological contributions increasingly to the forefront on the proposed equipment, improvements to the performance of its post-Service sale, have enabled our company to assert in 27 province of the Algerian territory and occupy a recognized position of leadership in Algeria.



Alibey Karim

General Manager
image demo 

Abdelkrim Gherib

Director sales & marketing

Fateh Alioua

Director technical & maintenance




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