Presentation PAGLIERANI

Paglierani is an Italian company specialized in the technology of packaging equipment and packaging a basic perform bag.

Paglierani the brand is present in the international market since 1926, with a loyal customer base in over 32 countries in 05 continents which allows it to occupy a recognized position of international leadership.

Paglierani consists of 06 facilities spread over an area of 29,000 m2 in charge of producing very sharp and very efficient machines with an ISO 9001 certified internal laboratory.

Paglierani uses the most modern and reliable techniques to meet your expectations for packaging various products guaranteeing a quick sale service and quality.

Introducing our range of conditioners as follows:

1. The automatic packaging for small capacities (500 gr, 1kg, 2kg ..etc) equipped with dispensers:

  • A worm has electronic control for powdery products (wheat flour, semolina, bread improving, etc…);
  • • A telescopic adjustable bucket for granular products (couscous, bird tongue (Bird Tons , frica, rice, pulses etc… );
  • Electronic weighters for products with irregular shape (macaroni, spaghetti, short pasta, noodles etc ...);

The bag closure usually occurs by hot melt adhesive, by heat or by sewing or riveting.

This equipment can be equipped with several optional accessories such as detector of metals, weight controller with discharge system, dust cleaner, etiquetteuse ... etc.

2. Scales baggers for medium and large capacities (10 kg, 20 kg, etc ...), a basic bags beaks open with various feeding systems such as valves with a helmet, by band, turbine, or screw unending; in automatic or semi automated completely by means of a carousel and designed for the food sector (wheat flour, semolina, improve bread etc…);

3. Scales baggers for medium and large capacities (10 kg, 20 kg, etc ...), a base valve bags with various systems of weighing and ejection and designed for food and also for the chemical and mineral sector ( starches, powder resins or plastic materials and mixtures of refractory coatings, cements, plasters, lime, adhesives etc…);

4. Weighers Big Bag filling of several types of food such as gravity, by band, worm or lock on the type of product;

5. . sewing and bags machines mouths open in semi-automatic and automatic.
This equipment can be equipped with several optional accessories such as:
Rotary column, levied bags, bags liner, etiquetteuse, cleaner bags, wire controller, turns bags etc .......

6. Shrink wrappers a base shrink ensuring the grouping of bags end of the line as a package whose combination is programmable.

7. Paletiseuses for putting the pallets bags, bundles and boxes

8. Banderoleuses for pallets movie etirable

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