UNIFILL presentation

UNIFILL is an Italian company specialized in the technology of packaging equipment and packaging a special form of thermoforming basis for various products of the food industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical, cosmetics and others.

The Unifill brand is present in the international market since 1979, with an estimated loyal customers has more than 150 customers across 04 around the world especially in Europe and America. Unifill today can offer a complete solution for your packaging machinery needs special form by thermoforming products:


  • Dairy products
  • Jam
  • Sauces and Seasonings
  • Drinks


  • Products to drink
  • Suppositories and ovules
  • Other Applications Pharmaceuticals


  • Products for car and Home Fragrances
  • Products for the Home
  • Agrochemicals
  • Other Chemical Applications

Body care

  • Cosmetics
  • Body Care (cream, etc…)
  • Other Applications for Personal Care (shampoo etc)

Assay System

The filling unit provides for dosing the product, different dosing systems, depending on the type of product, its features and the dosing amount

Additional options

The machines can be equipped with different options such as heated hopper for hot filling, simple labeling system, the dry codification with punches, and the coding system with ink-jet.

Ultra-Clean package is also available to ensure extremely hygienic filling conditions including a thermoforming system with sterile air filter, laminar flow unit of inert gas and magnetic dispenser.

Usable plastic materials

UNIFILL the machine are extremely versatile and suitable for different applications FOOD and NON-FOOD. Therefore, they can use a wide range of laminated plastic materials and / or co-extruded such as, for example, PS / PE, PA / PE, PET / PE, PVC / PE, PP, etc. with thicknesses which may vary from 100 to 600 microns.
These materials can also be equipped with special barriers such as EVOH or PVDC, to increase the shelf life and preserve the best characteristics of the product inside the packaging.

Unifill uses the most modern and reliable techniques to meet your expectations by ensuring speed after-sales and quality.

These machines are mainly mechanical, designed to work in a wet environment, equipped with high-precision metering, and robust construction low-maintenance

Their design is ergonomic, with great flexibility to change quickly and easily format.

Range of thermoforming

Unifill has a varied range of thermo-formers uni-dose or doses family with various production rate, various capacities and various special shapes.

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