TME presentation

TME is an Italian company specialized in the technology of packaging equipment and packaging coffee and yeast.

MTCT brand is present in the international market since 1982, with a loyal customer base across more than 60 countries in Europe particularly in Africa and America

Today TME can offer a complete solution for your needs coffee packaging machines "all types of grain" and also yeast, bags, either:

  • 2
  • 5
  • 3
  • 4
  • 1
  • atmospheric,
  • under modified atmosphere
  • and also vacuum;

It also offers coffee filling lines rigid container.

TME uses the most modern and reliable techniques to meet your expectations by ensuring speed after-sales and quality.

Experience of TME particularly in the field of coffee and yeast, allowing it to offer a multitude of facilities for various types of coffee packaging, with customized solutions according to customer needs.

Range of vertical packaging machines in air or under modified atmosphere

Equipped with various dose inhalers (telescopic buckets, worm or linear weighers) for ground coffee packaging or grain in various types of bags (pillow, block bottom, four welds, with zip, with valve with injection gas with application of adhesive label, rosary ... etc)

Range of cappers

These lines are devoted to ground coffee packaging in small pods in capsules or kind Lavazza Nespresso types, which are then placed in bags or a unit or by set number.

Range of soft pods conditioners filter paper

These lines are dedicated to the packaging of ground coffee in single dose form soft pods of filter paper which are then placed in bags or with the unit, are determined by number.

Range of bagging machines under vacuum SVS

For vacuum packing coffee in bags is perfect squaring with the possibility of including various optional systems such as: weight controller, label, date, and remote-assistance via internet ... .etc
This vacuum machine is also used for the packaging of yeast.

  • CV-A
  • CV-B
  • HTN
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